Wild Roots Cafe is here to help you refuel and reset while you enjoy the carbed comfort of our heirloom biscuits, bewitch yourself with brown butter brownies and take it all over a welcoming cup of specialty coffee.

Nestled on Main Street in the historic town of Romney, W.V. our cozy hideaway serves up comfort from the day’s hustle and bustle with bold breakfasts, nourishing salads, delectable sandwiches, sweet treats, & heavenly sips.

Wild Roots Cafe was designed to feel like you’ve both stepped away and come home all at the same time.

Our Signature Coffee

Get to know us

Inside of our 4 walls, we believe that food is an unconditional love language, cookies are confidants, and hospitality begins with a warm welcome from our Wild Roots family.

Every single recipe is hand crafted and solely made in our kitchen inspired by family recipes & local food stories.

Outside of our four walls, we believe in, nurturing our neighbors, caring for our community and always leaving the world a little better than we found it.

The Coffee Shop

Wild Roots Cafe found its home inside a 100 year old building in the historic town of Romney, WV. This building has lived many lives from once being a dairy, to a local bar, to a flower shop and now a cafe. When we bought the building its original structure was hidden by layers of drop ceiling, original windows were closed up with block and the 122 year old Carnegie USA steel beams were forgotten amongst the drywall.

We completely gutted the new age “improvements” and restored the building to its original glory, bringing back in the natural sun lights, exposing brick, reopening the window into the kitchen and making the Carnegie USA beams and ceiling a focal point of the cafe. This newly renovated building is now home to some of the best coffee in the world, handcrafted food and the community. 

Our Menu

It's made with love

Scrupulously Sourced

We focus on thougtfully-sourced ingredients.
We mantain direct-to-farmer-relationships.
We make room for seasonal inspirations.
We uphold a commitment to quality dining and exceptional hospitality


The Wild Roots fam is a close-knit bunch of snack servants & Simonelli whisperers who want to encourage an unplugged moment and learn your story.

Creating a special space that feels like home for our patrons starts with our staff. We strive to create a nourishing environment fueled by mutual respect where each member is empowered & engaged.

We want to break the revolving-door stigma that shadows the food & hospitality craft. Our goal is to equip our team with life skills, new friends and genuine respect for good food and those who make it. Sound like something you want to be a part of?

Come wreak kitchen havoc with us...